Plastered facade


In construction, facades are usually divided into ventilated and plastered (“wet“). The selection of one or another type of facade depends on the purpose of the building, requirements and available budget. It should be noted that the cost of ventilated facade installation is often higher than the cost of a plastered facade.

The plastered facade is also often called “wet“. This is a method of facade insulation where the insulation material is attached to the house wall without leaving an air gap. The properties of the plastered facade are no worse than the properties of ventilated facade. The plastered facades are often selected due to a wide range of colours, a variety of types of plaster and quick and easy installation.

It is mistakenly assumed that the walls of the plastered facade do not breathe. The properly selected quality insulation materials and decoration will allow the house walls to breathe.

The table provides the comparison of ventilated and plastered facades.

Plastered (“wet“) facade

  • Large selection of colours.

  • Textured facade plaster provides many decoration options.

  • It is important to check the mechanical damage and repair it immediately.

  • It is necessary to renew and paint over time.

  • The works cannot be performed in low air temperature due to water used in the process.

  • The cracks, fractures or other damage require more work, time and costs.

  • The use of low quality materials can cause surface cracks and formation of moss, algae or mould.

Ventilated facade

  • Higher installation cost.

  • Greater variety of finishing materials.

  • Durability.

  • Possible to install / assemble all year round.

  • The unchanged appearance remains for a long time.

  • Easier facade maintenance and repair in case of cracks, fractures or other damage.

  • Easy to install, no mortar used.

  • Air gap allows the wall to breathe and protects from the greenhouse effect.

  • The building remains cooler during the hot season.

  • Protects against the cold bridges on the outer wall.

Plastered facade
Plastered facade

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Plastered facade
Plastered facade

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Plastered facade
Plastered facade

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